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An ode to innocence. A lullaby about the loss and nostalgia for innocence - for having your whole future in front of you.

The fifth single from The Art of Tactful Procrastination.

Release Date: May 13, 2022

Addie Lyrics


Addie Addie
Once upon a time
Shadows stretching
From the coconut trees we've climbed
Baby Addie

Jungle walls
And fireflies
Count the zebras
In the skies
While I tuck you in

Addie Addie
A moment is not enough
Slow is steady
Promise you won’t grow up
Beautiful Addie

As the day begins to wane
There’s no need to be afraid
When you’re whispering my name

When twilight’s gone
Feel the room become your world
Turn the moonlight on
And let the stars twirl

Addie Addie
It’s getting darking now
The sun is setting
Time to lay your head down
Darling Addie

When the thunder starts to creep
I’ll be there to help you sleep
Snuggled up, your soul to keep

Dream who you may one day be
While the night bends to your will
Time goes by so easily
When your heartbeat won’t keep still

Addie Addie
My little Adita

When you wake up
To the birds
Sing a song
They’ve never heard
They'll hang on your
Every word
And they'll remind you
Who you were

Nothing To Fear

There's nobody here
And the names are forgotten
The silence is clear
And the shambles are rotten

All the lines you thought you'd toed
Come to find they're on this road
Oh what you leave out
When you won't think out loud

There's nobody here
Not a shadow is walking
There's nothing to fear
When the angels are talking

Every lie that scars the ground
Comes from someone else's mouth
When you have no doubts
That’s when the knives come out

There's nobody here
And the sky is done falling
The stillness is near
And it moves without stalling

Through the wake of whispered breeze
Just to kiss the tombstone trees
When you figure out
What you can't stop now

There's nobody here
And the wounds will not heal
There's nary a tear
When the fallen don't feel

You can run until you crawl
But you can't rise if you can't fall
Until you figure out
What you can live without

There's nobody here
And the echoes are knocking
But there's nothing to fear
When the angels are talking

All those lines you thought you'd toed
Come to linger on this road
Oh what you leave out
When you don't think out loud

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  4. Some Kind of Never
  5. Still No Closer To Tomorrow
  6. Bleeding Heart
  7. Wait of The World
  8. Long Day
  9. Addie
  10. Streetlights Look Like Diamonds
  11. As It Was
  12. The Storm

Addie Trivia And Other Stories

This started out as a little lullaby melody I had in my head one night while rocking baby Addie to sleep in the rocking chair in her room. This might have even started, then, before demo work for the album began, in summer of 2014. I even had the main "Addie, Addie" idea right away.

"Addie" in a lot of ways is supposed to be the "clarity" moment of the album. Earlier, in "Still No Closer To Tomorrow", and in "The Art of Tactful Procrastination", the singer laments that nobody knows his name. But in this song the line that he sings, "there's no need to be afraid, when you're whispering my name", implies that in fact someone does know his name, and that is a clue to what really matters.

Similarly, there's a line "when the thunder starts to creep", which foreshadows "The Storm" later on.

I also wanted this to be a kind of love letter to my daughter. So when she gets older there's some time stamps and some "moment" stamps. Things like "count the zebras in the skies" and "the coconut trees we've climbed" reference her stuffed zebra (which she always had on her) and one of her favorite books "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom", respectively. Whereas "turn the moonlight on and let the stars twirl" reference this glowing moon light that would hang on her wall, and a twirling star light that would sit on her dresser.

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