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"...Not only engaging and articulate, but also funny and down-to-earth."

Ender Bowen

Nashville Rock/Pop Artist, Author, Husband, Father, Complete Dork And Aspiring Compassionist.


God Jots™

A podcast that explores the nature of Love, Compassion, Joy, and the real-life connection between human beings.


Originally from Russell, NY, Ender Bowen spent the early part of his 20s (in the 2000s) recording and releasing self-produced music before moving to Nashville, TN in 2006. There, he almost immediately signed an independent recording contract, but asked for his release 2 years later. Since 2009 he has produced several additional albums and played with a few different acts.

In the early 2010s, Bowen - along with his wife, Emily Steele - was a member of the sketch comedy troupe Common Sense for Dummys, where he produced, wrote, acted in and handled the post-production of many short video sketches.

Around this time Bowen also co-hosted the podcast Topical Vacation, also with Emily Steele.

Bowen has additionally created and run the website God Jots - a series of articles, podcasts, videos and books primarily focused on Compassion - and Operation Joy, which focuses on ways to inspire Joy in yourself and others.

Ender is an “Aspiring Compassionist” building a community of like-minded people through music, books, book tours, speaking engagements and other content. The community consists of “little lights” that come together to create something bigger and brighter, seeking to cut through the divisiveness and hate of today’s rhetoric, to take each person as the complex and dynamic individual they are, and to lift ourselves up while lifting each other.

He currently resides in Hendersonville, TN with his wife Emily and his two young children.



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About Me

What's up, my fellow podcaster? Lemme tell ya how it is!

The world is more divided than ever before, increasing our collective levels of fear, isolation and loneliness. As a result, we struggle to identify and make good on our own purpose and potential, while becoming more susceptible to the whims of others.

Navigating this “no man's land” of divisiveness can be a terrifying ordeal, virtually muting honest communication, Compassionate discourse, and mutual understanding.

It's time we cut through the noise and rediscover the common spirit that makes each of us human.

My name is Ender Bowen - Nashville, TN rock/pop artist, author, husband, father, complete dork, and aspiring Compassionist.

I'm dedicated to spreading the message of Love and Compassion, inspiring Joy, and creating a community of Little Lights through a shared human experience.

I do this through the development of various media, including music, blog articles, books and podcasts.

But at the end of the day, I'm a human being trying to find my way on this spinning space rock – just like you!

And while my philosophies are inspired by my Christian faith, I'm not interested in extraneous dogma and drivel. I'm about bringing the concepts of God and Faith back down to Earth and – with a little wit, a dash of humility, and a large helping of the ridiculous, putting it all back in the hands of my growing community.

This isn't about preaching or pandering. It's not about having all the answers. It's about finding common ground, facing our fears, and becoming more – together!








Video Podcast - How To Embrace Your Spiritual Purpose And Live Intentionally

If we’re not living with purpose and intent, then we’re not living the way God envisioned. But we don’t need a near-death experience for that to change.

Click Here

Audio Podcast - How To Reach People The Way God Reaches Them

When are we going to learn that attacking someone’s lifestyle isn’t the way in? What purpose is that actually serving? Who are we actually helping?

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The Quinn Spinn - First Appearance July 28, 2022

Ender Bowen is a musician, author, filmmaker, and humanitarian with a lot to say, and plenty of methods by which to deliver his message. A relentless creative, Ender always has a new project (or a few) in the works, and he comes on The Quinn Spinn to discuss those projects, and his ever-evolving quest to keep them balanced with the other fulfilling areas of life — including family, spirituality, and more.

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The Quinn Spinn - Second Appearance September 21, 2023

Ender Bowen returns to the show, fresh off his debut performance in Nashville! This retrospective of the experience leads to a conversation about facing and changing our relationships with fear, as well as the pivots that lead us to evolve.

Click Here


  • Loose discussions about theology and the role of religion and spirituality in society and culture.
  • Open-minded discussions about the concept of Compassion and how to apply it in everyday life.
  • General discussions about the spiritual experience, including just starting out, conversing with God, and what it means to be a Christian.
  • Serving your community and your people - how to use your talents and passions (whatever it is you do) to serve.
  • Ways to inspire Joy in yourself and others.
  • General music discussion, from music history and pop culture, to specific discussions about my own music (whether in relation to the above spiritual concepts or not).


When I started watching God Jots, I wasn’t expecting “genuine” thought and uplifting, inspiring words based on scripture. Ender Bowen delivers the “word” with diligence and great integrity! You can tell that he has spent a great deal of time researching and adding content that listeners can relate to and apply it to their everyday lives. While riding my exercise bike, I was watching the latest God Jots video. I noticed that I was nodding my head a lot as if I was listening to one of Ender’s songs! LOL. What what was supposed to be a twelve-ish minute video seemed like twenty to thirty minutes because what Ender was preaching about, not only spoke to my heart but my soul! Yeah I said it, this man has the “preacher vibes” and for a reformed Christian, I appreciated that!

Tim / Tennessee

My experience listening to the God Jots Podcast has always left me with a sense of comfort and reassurance. Spoken with grace, Ender Bowen gave me new insight and perspective on my world. Whether my day has been full of uncertainty and hard life lessons or just questioning life's purpose, I feel grounded, recharged and reconnected with others and the world around me after listening to the podcast.

Valerie / New York

I am super thankful for podcasts like God Jots. Ender Bowen gives the world more of what it needs - a voice that is both insightful and compassionate. A voice that wrestles with ideas yet understands that there are also absolutes. Ender is not only engaging and articulate, but he is also funny and down-to-earth. I was especially moved by a recent episode entitled "How to Reach People the Way God Reaches Them". In it, he explained an awkward event in which a zealous believer in Christ lacked the appropriate grace when encountering an unbeliever. And yet, Ender didn't throw one person under the metaphorical bus in favor of another. Instead, he came to the best possible conclusion, which is that most people operate in the best way they can, given their knowledge and skill level. But this grace extended is not to be treated as an excuse or a free pass. Each episode calls listeners to grow in some way. We are all on a journey to becoming more like God intended. God Jots will fervently challenge listeners while simultaneously making them smile. What could be better than that?

Amy Mercer / Author of Losing My Religion And Forever Lee


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"...Left me with a sense of comfort and reassurance..."

Valerie | New York

"...delivers the 'word' with diligence and great integrity."

Tim | Tennessee

"...engaging and articulate, but also funny and down-to-earth."

Amy | Tennessee